The Ultimate ePub Reader

The app for book lovers

Beautifully crafted, Read is designed with mobile in mind. It works between several devices for a world on the go. You can also explore millions of free public domain books.

Remember more of what you read

Your highlights are saved so that you can extract the quintessence of your books. Readers can receive a weekly recap with their highlights and metrics of the week. Read makes it easier than ever to extract content for readers.

Integrated with the best services

Read tries not to reinvent the wheel but takes the most of your favorite services. Link your Dropbox or Drive to import seamlessly your ePubs and connect Evernote to synchronize your highlights in a dedicated notebook.

If you’re a natural learner, Read is for you!

Sarah - Student

“I collect quotes and share the best ones with my friends”

Bob - Designer

“It’s never been easier to remember key insights from my favorite books.”

Russell - Blogger

“I can capture more from what I read. It’s faster to produce content later on.”

Jessica - Curious Mind

“Read’s weekly recaps of all my highlights are so useful!”

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